Korea By Numbers: phone numbers you should keep on hand


 Need advice or assistance while in Korea?  English-language help is just a phone call away.

 Non-Emergency numbers

  •  1330: Korea Travel Hotline

Through this number, the Korea Tourism Organization offers free, 24-hour travel advice and interpretation.  This service can be very useful in resolving travel problems.  If your car breaks down, you can’t communicate with a ticket vendor, or you can’t find a place to sleep for the night, this hotline can help!

  • 02-2075-4130~1: Seoul Global Center

The Seoul Global Center is the most versatile service on this list.  Established to help foreigners living in Seoul, the Center can help you with everything from the challenges of daily life (banking, job hunting, apartment rental, Korean government services, etc.) to personal emergencies (legal advice, immigration problems).

Emergency Contacts

  •  119: Fire and Ambulance

 Like 911 in the United States, 119 connects you with the fire department and emergency medical services.

  • 112: Police

 To report an emergency to the police, call 112.

  • 1577-1391: Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse

 The Center responds to reports of child abuse or neglect

  • 117: School or Domestic Violence

 This police hotline is dedicated solely for reporting and counseling related to domestic violence or school violence.

  • 1588-9191 : Suicide prevention hotline

Lifeline Korea offers 24-hour counseling and reporting to prevent suicide.

  • 02-338-5801~2 or 02-338-2890  Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center

 Provides counseling for victims of sexual violence.

  • 1577-1366 Support Center for Women Hotline

Provides comprehensive services for women who are victims of crime

  • 02-397-4114: U.S. Embassy Emergency Contact

Call us any time of the day or night if you need help with a medical emergency, have been arrested, or need to inform us of the death of a U.S. citizen.  For routine American Citizen Services, please see the contact information on our website.

[Photo courtesy of flikrcc.net]


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