Notarials – What the Embassy Can and Can Not Notarize

The American Citizens Services performs notarials for documents to be used in the U.S., but we often get questions on what documents we can and cannot notarize.  While more information is available on our website at, this is a concise list of the types of notarial services the Embassy can offer:

What we can notarize:

  1. Affidavit, or sworn statements, such as an affidavit of eligibility of marriage;
  2. Power of Attorney allowing you to designate someone to take legal action on your behalf, such as sell your home or other property while you are overseas;
  3. Acknowledgement of Signature, which verifies that a particular person (who has to appear in front of a Consular officer) signed a given document.

What we cannot notarize:

  1. U.S. Apostille which verifies and confirms the seal and signature of the person who authenticated the document.
  2. Certification of foreign passport for use with individual tax number
  3. Authentication, notarization or legalization of public documents issued in the U.S. such as birth, marriage, death, academic, or commercial records, driver’s license and other credentials.
  4. Certified true copies of U.S. documents such as diplomas, bank statements, etc.
  5. Certified true copies of Non-U.S. documents such as Korean family register, etc.
  6. Signature or Medallion guarantees

In some cases, the Embassy may also refuse notarial services when the host country does not authorize the performance of the service, the document is going to be used in transactions prohibited by U.S. law, the officer or the client does not understand the document, or when the document is believed to be used for a purpose that is unlawful, improper, or inimical to the best interest of the United States.  

For more information on notarial services, preparing for your notarial appointment, making an appointment, and fees for this service, please visit our website at


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