Staying Healthy and Safe in Korea

Traveling to or living in a foreign country can be both exciting and exhausting.  You are exposed to new cultures, lifestyles, people, and food, as well as new stomach bugs, odd weather patterns, and unfamiliar norms and environment.

Staying healthy, safe, and informed while traveling or residing overseas is very important. Did you know that the U.S. Embassy Seoul has health information available on its website?  In addition to information about the 24-hour Korea Emergency Medical Information Center hotline, you can also obtain a list of English-speaking physicians and dentists in Korea. All this information, along with other important information on travel and safety, can be found on our website at

While traveling or residing overseas, we encourage you to register your stay in Korea by enrolling in the Smart Travelers Enrollment Program (STEP) at  The STEP enrollment enables the Embassy to contact you or your loved ones in case of an emergency, such as when we issue travel warnings, travel alerts, and other information for Korea.  Our goal is to reach all U.S. citizens in the Republic of Korea with current security information and important updates, and your enrollment in STEP enables us to do so.

Finally, if you are living in Korea, we also encourage you to sign up for our American Citizens Services (ACS) newsletter via  The ACS Newsletter provides a wealth of information about our services, upcoming outreach events, and important issues or news that affect Americans living overseas.

We’re always trying to reach out to more U.S. citizens in Korea, so if you know someone who is a U.S. citizen and hasn’t registered with the Embassy, please pass on this information!  We hope you have a very safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving!


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