Which “Processing Method” and “Delivery Method” should I choose when filling out a passport application form using the Passport Wizard?

Answer:  We encourage all U.S. passport applications to be prepared using the Passport Wizard, which makes the process much easier for you and for embassy staff.  However, since the Passport Wizard is used both in the United States and overseas, there are two important points you should keep in mind.

All passport applications submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Seoul are automatically expedited – you will receive your new passport (and old passport if renewing) without an extra fee within two weeks, which is much faster than if you applied for a passport from the United States.  Since passport processing in Korea is already expedited for free, when the Wizard asks what kind of processing service you want, choose “Routine Service(Free).”

The two options for “Delivery Method” are only really available in the United States.  Whichever delivery method you choose, in Korea we will always send the passport back by courier delivery and you will still have to pay the local courier fee for delivery separately in cash upon receipt. The Embassy does not accept any fee for delivery services.  The best thing to do when filling in the Passport Wizard is to select “Standard Delivery(Free),” so that the total amount you would pay to the embassy is accurately calculated. 


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