When should I renew my passport?

Answer:  We recommend that you renew your passport nine months before it expires.  Many countries require six months’ validity on your passport before you travel, otherwise you might not be allowed on the plane.  With the summer vacation season coming up, you don’t want any bad surprises at the airport.  Check your passport expiration date now to make sure you don’t run into problems if you plan to travel this year.  If you do need to renew your passport, this page has all the forms and information you need to apply for a new passport…you may not even need to come to the U.S. Embassy if you meet certain requirements.  Once we receive your passport renewal application, it takes about two – three weeks to complete processing.


3 responses to “When should I renew my passport?

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  2. Chin Suk Weisenborn

    There are no specific instructions for submitting a RENEWAL (DS-82).

    Can this be done off-site at Osan AFB?

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